The Vlack Album

by Day Oof

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released March 25, 2016

Produced by Day Oof
Music & Lyrics by Day Oof
Drums & Vocals recorded by Vasilis Zampikos @ Ihovrihio Studio
Drums Engineering by Dennis Panagiotidis
Guitars & Bass recorded @ Stef’s home studio
Re-amped by Petros Vinakos “Dusty” @ Destiny Studio
Arranged and Mixed by Day Oof
Mastered by Alessandro Gavazzi @ Hell Smell Studio
Artwork by John Valirakis / Four Visual Arts
Lyrics for “The Underage” by Constantinos Zavvos
Additional Vocals: Vic Tsiolekas, Christos Kritikos & Alex Giannarakis
Guest Sax/Trumpets: George Zafeiropoulos, Alex Sak & Marios Vittis



all rights reserved


Day Oof Athens, Greece

Day Oof are a 4 piece tech skatepunk band from Athens, Greece. They’ve been around since 2008, and considering that they've released just two albums in 8 years, you can assume they must be growers, certainly not showers. Hopefully the next release will come earlier as they are getting critically older. ... more

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Track Name: The Porn
I never get caught I got this sense of awareness
If you ever get bored I'm the guy you should call
I've not been giving a fuck
I am the soul of the party but the party I love most
Is the one I'm hosting

Give me a smoke
Give me red party cups
Give me porn
Give me naive young girls
Nobody gives a damn about them
So give me porn

I am lost in the two girl show, nothing extreme
Just me and my screen
And all the happiness that porn can bring

Let your mind run wild
You can always choose POV with a smile
I never get bored, I'm busy with emptiness

Another day goes by
Still searching for something
Always lost in your mind
You'll never going to find it

We’ve been searching and we've been watching
All kinds of porn

Let your mind go
Let the drinks flow
Get lost with me in this two girl show
Watch me from a distance you will notice I am smiling

Let your mind go, let the drinks flow
Follow me and you'll be reborn

That’s the beauty brought to us by porn
Track Name: The Celebratory Cancelation
And I can’t wait to touch your hand
Many thoughts are running in my head
You know I hate the act that happened in the back
Between firemen and nurses

Destroying creations, is this what we call expectations
Destroying all those things I can’t have

I thought it was cool to show off and tell them to fuck off
Now I know I was wrong, those were my friends
Now I'm left all alone and I'm turning to you to help me
If I could turn back the wheels of time I wouldn't

If I could stay I swear I'd take these roads to my grave
If I could stay, things will never be the same

Between this empty scene
I'm gonna do what I did
There's no other way
I'll give what I have, I'm going to show my real self

Stop being the same it's no shame
To be your fucking self
Stop playing your role cause you piss me off
Just let it take its way
Track Name: The Skate and Recycle
Colorful shoes and well-ironed t-shirts
Less action, more image
It's important to look nice
Girls now have the ability to choose hot sweaty dudes
They used to be punks, now they're like athletes

Play their part in a fashion cycle
While using skateboards as a pussy magnet

From indie to major, from streets to parks
Why really mind about that, why give a fuck
I have been there
And I've already done that,
Why should I really give a fuck

I've been accused of being a hippy
Played guitar, was kinda stinky
Today I failed but tomorrow I will succeed
Hard to define
What is true in this dying planet
It's even harder to get inspired

Sometimes I wish I’d cross the line
And not my fingers
All I need is luck
To make it through this change

But now I realize
False icons everywhere
I turn my back to the mass
I skate alone
Track Name: The Month Has Nine
The traffic lights aren't working
And I can’t find the way back home
I am so dazed

It seems I've fallen on my ass
My mind is running one hundred
Wrecking the blinds of false hope

Please regulator tell me what's the time
Cause I forgot

What it is you want from me
Trying to ignore the papers with numbers
Knocking on my door

To suppress my anger and
Make me go back to sleep
And to keep me dreaming
While my home is torn apart

Regulator tell me
Is this really just the start of the decline
The tragic downfall of my fucking mind

"So stand up and start nagging"
I'll be silenced in a split second
Sold my soul for riches I'll never really own

A fake sense of security
a vast abyss of bullshit guarantees

Misled for so long

I want a reason and I'm looking at you
What’s going on?
Can’t find a way out of this deal to sell my soul,
this life sentence of yours

I've had my fun but now it's over
High times are an image I just can’t see clear anymore
We’ve all had our fun but now it's over
We’ve had our fun but now it's over
If I sit and take it I'm a goner

Be prepared now
It's time to deny all your needs
Time to stop feeding your infinite greed

This system won’t run forever so why not try
So why not try?

Do not waste time
Create options
Don't play their way
Reaction’s not foreign, here's a starting point

Create options
Don't play their way
They’ve had their fun but now it’s over

But knowing you, you will never, it's your grave, whatever
Track Name: The Church
This guitar needs an exorcist,
There's a demon riff possessing my strings

Fairy tales from wonderland
Of religious banners
Covered with blood
After thousands of years
We are destined for nothing

Spiritual guidance, non-profit errands
All gears of a well-tuned clock named religion
Don’t feed on faith

We are all blessed
a personal angel on our right shoulder
Always there reminding us how often we have to contribute
To the one who loves us all

Even when you pray don't forget you have to pay
A child is born and once again you have to pay
Even when you pray don't forget you have to pay
People die and still we have to pay
Track Name: The Pessimist
Life officially sucks
Things go wrong
Seems like everyone's against me, even myself
And the place where I was raised
Fills my heart with disgrace
Far away from happiness

Everyone’s star is shining out there
But mine keeps falling down, keeps melting
I can't believe this endless descent
I'm like a king without his crown

Deny, but approve your falling
Deny, but accept your fate

Standing alone, put my hands on my face
The air is filled with misery's taste

One by one my hopes are falling down
Now that all my dreams are gone

One by one keep on falling down
Track Name: The Underage
My city is burning, it's burning again
Get off your beds and get right on the streets

The lesson we're learning from history
Just take a second thought
Cause they're not gone in infamy

A life is lost a step away
from where we used to hang out for years
It could be any one of us
Flooding the world with tears
Human rights, right police
I'm sure you've never heard about it

December 6th
For you and me
Never forget

December the 6th and black memories
All over Athens we fight with our souls
Fight with our words
We’re high on disgrace
An abstract loss, no reason, no cause

No dignity

December the 6th and fucked memories
All over Athens we fight with our souls
Fight with our words
We’re high on disgrace
An abstract loss, no reason, no cause

A kid is dead and you don't give a fuck
You use lies for your benefit.
Wake up
We’re sinking, we've got no captain
Don’t take for granted
The heroes you create
A generation's voice, a generation's choice
Track Name: The Impressing the President
Raise your hands
Scream out loud

Burn it all to the ground
Burn it to the fucking ground
Come on now
Scream out loud

Burn it all to the ground
We are here to entertain you
we are here to shout

In this fight we're alone
For this life we'll spill blood
Come this pain
all our hope is lost

Be a fool,
Take a bow
Or fuck it all
Stand your ground
Come on now, scream out loud.
Let’s take them down

No means to be content
While impressing the president
No means to be content
So let's dissect the precedent

We are blind fanatics
we have turned against each other
Feed me the blood of the weak

We’re all alone
A blind wave of violence
We’re all alone now
Hope is lost
Track Name: The I Would Die If You Kill Me
We’re fucked up
There's no way we're gonna make it
The race is long
We already started shaking

Grab the gun you found last night in the backyard
Stick it deep in your throat, pull the trigger
Don’t hesitate and trust me on this
Then your blood will paint your wall for free

Sleepless days turn to stupid nights
Wasted on my floor
No will to change, no strength to haul
Components of my world

Still in the game nothing to lose
We're stuck on the shore
You got one life one hundred ways to die

Stand on your feet time to face all your fears
Change this shit into
Sleepless days turned to stupid nights
Almost wasted on my floor
Things will change and there's nothing to lose

But now I’ll take the fall

I had the world once,
Never satisfied

Every passing minute
is a chance to prove myself wrong
And get up off the floor,
it’s time for me stand tall
Not falling anymore.
I'm not wasted on my floor
Track Name: The Campus
Cursing on stage is fucking wrong
If it's your school well then it's right
Asking the crowd to spit on you is wrong
Please someone get this band off the stage

Campus kids get special treatment
They pay the school to break the rules
Say what they want
Do what they like
While wearing a security t-shirt

But when you are a guest

You're not allowed to smoke in the campus
Bad words are not allowed in the campus
Alcohol is not allowed in the campus
You’re not allowed to fart in the campus

Censorship, Conveniently placed.
Hypocrisy. What the fuck.
Am I allowed to say that?

Bad words are not allowed in the…
You’re not allowed to smoke in the…
Alcohol is not allowed in the…
You’re not allowed to fart in the campus
Track Name: The Snow In the Sun
I love you so much
Cause you are my love
But now I'm in pain
Cause that's what love does

So please tell me why you had to be
So please explain why because I cannot sleep
Why are you a lesbian my love
Why are you a lesbian, I feel so cold

Just like before for the wrong girl I fall
It’s different now, this time I wanted all
Every night from now and on
I'll be stalking your home
I'll be throwing stones at your window

Sick genital comparison.
I've lost the flirt competition
Sick genital comparison.
This time it's my dick against the strap-ons

Just like before I'm after you
Face planting on your walls
Now I know your orientation.
How’d you become so anti-sausage?

For you I'm melting
Like snow heading to the sun
I'm melting like snow in the sun

I wanna turn you cause just like before
My eyes are burning when you're around
It’s like I'm pepper-sprayed over and over again
When you're making out with her

I'm melting like snow in the sun
And you think this is fun
The need is desire, the heartbreak is failure
Just like before
Track Name: The Suck Out
I always wanted to be different
And now look how I ended up
Like all the "different" in town
I feel the same and I'm down
Who are you, who's that clown
Dude you suck, go drown

Idolizing lyrics from those songs
today do they hold strong?
Today they're just old school hits

Years will go by, we all change eventually
But what the hell, what happened to you?

Just a familiar face and nothing more
Your aura is fading away

Once there was a skull questioning authority
now a butterfly took its place

And so we danced, so we danced.
All the front men, the scene kids, the punks
So we danced cause they told us

Words are the same but the motives are different

Don’t wanna see myself like that.-